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Impacting The Forest Forever

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

April 04, 2022 -- “'This forest is a speck of nature in the midst of an ever-growing urban landscape. This change in the forest stream will be there permanently, so all generations after us will live with that. So, we made a change that affects everybody down the road and [has] taken away their options.' - Lauren Schroeder, professor emeritus of biological sciences at Youngstown State University [and advisor to Plant Ahead Ohio]

[...] [... an alternative could be a] "'watershed restoration to keep the water on the watershed longer so that it doesn’t make these high peak flows that cause the erosion,' he said. 'This forest is the pride of Poland and we should be careful about making permanent changes in the forest.'

"That restoration work would include reforestation, construction of wetlands and restoration of curves in the stream to help restore the natural processes that sustain healthy watersheds, Schroeder said. 'Watershed restoration would require the cooperation of the residents living in the Yellow Creek watershed, and would be a major project,' he said. 'This would reduce flooding and erosion throughout the area, improve water and air quality and reduce noise pollution.'”

Article by By Amanda Joerndt/ @Mahoning Matters(Youngstown, OH)

woodland with old trees and forest floor covered with blooming bluebell flowers
Poland Forest woodlands, Ohio - photo by

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